WATCH: Finally, it is OK for Koreans to marry and date foreigners

WATCH: Finally, it is OK for Koreans to marry and date foreigners

Just a couple of years ago, most Koreans were against the thought of dating or foreigners that are marrying.

But times have actually changed, and they’ve changed fast. Now, the worldwide couples interviewed in this latest Borderless News video ( simply click above to see) say a lot of people around them generally haven't any difficulties with their relationship, and their own families help their choice up to now internationally.

Attitudes toward marrying foreigners have actually changed fast. Korea’s Ministry of Gender Equality and Family, in a 2016 research cited by the Korea occasions, discovered that almost 8 in 10 Koreans aged 13 to 24 state these are generally “fine with worldwide wedding.” That’s up sharply from 2008, whenever 66 per cent of young adults stated they supported marriages that are international.

Korea has within the years been criticized for the treatment of foreigners as 2nd course residents, and discriminating against ladies who dated or hitched men that are foreign. Such thinking ended up being when deeply ingrained in Korean culture. That’s because into the years following the Korean War, an approximated 1 million Korean ladies worked within the sex trade, with several of these servicing U.S. soldiers stationed in Korea.

Decades ago, it absolutely was thought that a female observed in general general public with a foreign guy must be an intercourse worker, and that resulted in widespread — and extremely unfair — stereotypes. The stereotypes held that any Korean girl seen having an international guy must be either a intercourse worker or even an alleged “bar girl” — freelance sex employees who have customers by frequenting pubs.

Through the years, Koreans also started initially to genuinely believe that Korean ladies foreigners that are dating promiscuous, and older generation men — usually experiencing threatened by foreign men’s sexuality — referred to these ladies with such terms as Yankee Yoja, which loosely translated means yankee whore, or even a whore for international males.

Needless to say these stereotypes had been unjust, nonetheless they stuck, and contributed up to a view that is negative both international males while the Korean ladies in relationships together with them.

Korea has additionally seen high points of anti-American belief. About ten years ago saw a razor-sharp increase in anti-American belief within the accidental loss of two Korean junior twelfth grade girls, whom were go beyond with a U.S. army automobile, along with within the Iraq war. All this has also been section of a continuing trend of anti-American belief in just what was then a tremendously nationalist, xenophobic country that resenting the U.S. army existence.

And also this translated to a broad sentiment that is anti-Western.

Protests into the very early 2000s saw foreigners attacked from the road a times that are few along with spat upon or cursed away. Well-known Korean pop music movie stars such as Yoon Do Hyun performed hits such as for example “Fucking USA” and Psy, who's extremely popular when you look at the U.S. now for their hit Gangnam Style, in 2004 sung “kill those fucking Yankees..Kill their daughters, mothers…,” talking about U.S. soldiers fighting into the Iraq war.

The type of reasoning had been therefore extensive that, in decades past, it ended up beingn’t unusual for Korean feamales in a relationship with a international guy to conceal the connection from their parents, doubting that they had a boyfriend at all — even for decades. Some would surely even enable their moms and dads to repair them through to times with young Korean guys, to keep the ruse up. Korean females hitched to men that are foreign usually the topic of gossip of next-door next-door neighbors.

However with younger generation, much has changed. Korea’s new generation is a whole lot more well-traveled than past generations, many of them having examined, worked, or done internships abroad. Korea can be advertising its nation as being a tourist destination that welcomes other nationalities — a razor-sharp huge difference from a ten years ago. Furthermore, like a great many other nations, social networking connects Korea to your globe.

In Borderless News’ video that is latest, interviewees state they usually have no issue aided by the concept of dating or marrying foreigners — plus some state their parents even would choose which they marry a foreigner. Some say worldwide relationships certainly are a means for Korea to go worldwide.

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