Stronger together

By Sharyn Bell

As the daughter of a Vietnam veteran, I have seen first hand the impact of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.  I know of the long drawn-out battle that the Vietnam veterans had to fight to get the condition recognized by government and treatment provided. Unfortunately too late for some of the Vietnam veterans who took their own lives as a direct result of their military service-induced mental issues!.  This is still happening with the current generation of veterans. Programs, such as Soldier On, run by veterans for veterans, helps veterans to cope with and manage their PTSD.  These programs need your financial help to succeed. Please show that we care about these veterans by supporting this fundraising for the Soldier On project. Anzac Day is approaching. As we often celebrate this important day with a drink at our local rsl, donate a beer in $$ to the campaign. A little becomes a lot when we do it together. 

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