Step By Step

By Daniel Zachary Kelly

Every day, Australian Soldier's and ADF Personal are fighting for a greater cause in various locations around the world. Half of us feel safe in bed as these amazing people are making Australia; safer, secure, and supporting international security.

Since 1901 the ADF has made a significant difference which has shaped the amazing country that we are living in today. Through the legacy of the ANZACs and their sacrifice, the ongoing war in Afghanistan there is a significant issue of the welfare and health of our Australian Hero’s.

Veterans of the past, present, and future have and will face very similar issues, these amazing personal make a huge contribution to Australia at risk of affecting their own health. I believe that we should all be responsible for helping create services and an environment where we can make a contribution to their lives and support them to resume normal civilian life without the constant memories of war affecting their lives.

By having my best friends in the Military and speaking to Veterans of the Military it is clear that there is a great need for resources to focus on tackling the source of the problem rather than the cause. Soldier On helps tackle the cause and makes a huge difference to the lives of Australian Veterans.

In honour of the training of these Soldiers and Personal. I will be aiming to complete multiple long, hard, and tiring day hikes in 1 week trying to make a total distance of 200km, following step by step, in the footsteps of many ADF Personal. Later in the year I will be also completing a joint hike with Every Step Matters as well, completing a total of 300km with that team in addition to my hike.

I recognise the effects and the contribution that these Heroes have made and hope to make a difference with any money that is donated.


Updates of the day hikes can be found at


Hoping the best for the Australian Hero’s we need to support. Step By Step


Daniel Zachary Kelly


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