Stacks 4 Good

By Stacey W

Coming from a family full of military personnel who have served around the world, from The Great War to the current conflict in the Middle East, I have seen how hard it can be for ex-service people to reintegrate back into society. Soldier On were ready and willing to help my partner reintegrate after his service and the advice and assistance was incredible.

We all know how hard it can be to feel like you fit in, and most of us can only imagine what that’s like when you have returned from conflict or returned to civilian life after the regimented routine of active service.

I choose to support the guys at Soldier On because I love that they get behind our military personnel and give them the support they need. I am proud to be taking part in Force 4 Good because one service suicide is too many. We need to show our troops that we are here for them, and that it’s ok to speak up and tell someone they aren’t not coping.  

So thank you for playing a part in helping our servicemen and women reintegrate into society and let’s end veteran suicide.

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Stacey Walker 2018-03-23 15:35:36
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