Shel's 45 for 45

By Shelena Hoberg

45% of Australians are affected by mental health issues, many of them are our service Men & Women. For my 45th Birthday, I will be walking 45km's over 2 days to reflect this number. I have a personal experience of loss to suicide and  many friends who are in emergency services/military or veterans, so this cause is important to me. 

Please consider contributing to my effort to raise funds for Soldier On to support these families.

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Congratulations on walking 45k 's in two days you pair of rockstars!!! Apologies for our late donation Luv yas xxx
Karen Bimrose 2019-07-21 17:56:44
Happy birthday Shel. Got a bunch of guys here to donate 10 each and got my running done. I hope you ve had a great one!
Warren Dunn 2019-07-21 11:08:51
Emma Siddall 2019-07-20 13:06:50
leslie moore 2019-07-19 07:23:07
Michelle Sharpley 2019-07-10 15:51:15
Darrell Spey 2019-07-07 18:14:08
Anonymous 2019-07-05 11:56:39
what 's a kilometer
Francis Raymond 2019-07-03 09:45:25
Anonymous 2019-07-02 17:12:40
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