Mike's big 100km Surf Coast Century Ultra Marathon

By Michael Zajer

Why am I raising money for Soldier On?

When you transition from military to civilian life the challenges are significant. 

You instantly lose the identity that you had while serving.  You feel like you have to become "normal", which means you feel different to everyone else around you.  This makes it hard to form social connections, the anxiety can eat away at you every hour of every day.

Its not a journey that you can do on your own and nor should you have to, yet you don't feel like you can ask for help, for fear of being weak.

Thankfully for myself I had a close close group of family and friends that understood what I needed when I left the Navy.   Although that was many years ago now.  There is never a day that goes by that you don't think of some aspect of the time you served.  

Sadly the structured support is not there for everyone and some feel that the challenges can be too overwhelming.

This is the reason why I am raising funds for Soldier On, I want to help and show support for all Veterans, they deserve it.  It is definitely a rite that they deserve. 

The challenge that I have set myself is to run the 100km Surf Coast Century Marathon on the 11th of September 2021.

I hope you find the time to read all about the great work that Soldier On do https://soldieron.org.au/

Of course all donations are valuable and may just make a difference to a Veteran and their Family today

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Angie Fasciani 2021-04-23 16:36:10
All the best Mike! From Jayne
Contino 2021-04-23 11:03:30
Good luck Michael and kudos for supporting this very important cause.
Con Emmanouil 2021-04-23 10:36:52
Mate this is an awesome feat cause. All the best. Toby
Toby Peacock 2021-04-23 10:28:17
Good luck, 100km is even epic to walk, you are crzy
Patrick Sherman 2021-04-23 10:18:10
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