Jie Yang

By Jie Yang

Representing a Defence Youth Cadet, I respect and support the people who are veteran, and the Men and Women that are currently still servicing the Australian Defence Force, these men and women serving Australia, and giving the world a peace and comfort by going to overseas and fight for them. Now these men and women are coming back home, returning from their service. Our Organiser, the fundraiser encourages the Youth and Young Aussies to get strong and fit, and run to fund raise for the Returned ADF Service members and those who are actively serving the Nation as well. A great way to get youth fit but also supporting the ADF Service Members.

This year, 'Soldier On's mission and goal is to work along with those who are currently serving and who served and protect the Australia's Peace, their families and helping their future.

All funds that are raised from the 2019 Flying Fit will be used to provide crucial support services to the currently serving, veterans, their families and their future.

By clicking the 'Give Now' button, you may be part of the Fundraising team, the person who are willing to provide support to the Ongoing ADF Service members, and ex-serving members; The person who will make a Major impact to the Service and Ex-Service Member across the Commonwealth of Australia; The person who will be thanked, and appreciated by thousands or millions of the ongoing Defence Service Member and Veterans; The person which Commonwealth of Australia most need!

You can fundraise as much as you want, even for a little amount. With even a tiny little money, you can make an impact to the ADF Serving Members and Veterans, you maybe won't even realise, but the men and women behind the screen, they will appreciate your help, without these Service Members, Australia won't have the Peace today.

So Sign up and Fundraise NOW, be the ONE who can change the world! Be the one who can change the lives of the ADF Service Member, they won't have a better future without YOUR help! BE THE ONE WHO SUPPORTS THE NATION, AND THE AUSTRALIAN DEFENCE FORCE!

We, Us, Commonwealth of Australia, Australian Defence Force, Australian Veteran Association, Soldiers On NEED YOUR HELP!

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