For Those Who Serve. A Journey Through Keith Miller's Campaign April 1918  - November 1918

By Bujinkan Kokusai Dojo - John Cantor

Some of my close friends and Bujinkan colleagues serve 'd' in the militaries around the world.  Many, whether slightly or heavily, also suffer PTSD.  This impacts on their lives and also their friends, family and community. Studying martial art in freedom and offering some financial support to those who protect such is something honoured & valued in this dojo.

Keith Gordon Miller served in WWI at the age of 17.  I inherited his diaries and a flag he carried through his campaign from March 1918 to November 1918. He fought in the 3rd Div under Monash in battles that stopped and then drove the Germans out of Northern France. The flag details each place and village he visited and those fought through after leaving Sydney. What he wrote in his pocket book while fighting is remarkable. He re-wrote this in 1921 and again in 1967 re-witnessing the events.

Bujinkan colleagues - Dai Shihans - Phillip Legare USMC Master Sergeant retired and Mark Lithgow support this year's effort - 2019 - to raise some more money. We hope your attendance at Mark's seminar just prior to Remembrance day will add to this campaign.   For a donation you will receive access to Keith's  records - written during and after the war.  They were his cathartic practice to deal with this issue. Your donation will give you access to these records via an automatic email and monies will go direct to Soldier On. - Bujinkan Kokusai Dojo Dai Shihan - John Cantor.

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Edward Morrison 2020-01-26 12:09:29
Anonymous 2020-01-08 17:38:32
Thanks for a wonderful seminar. Great cause.
Helen Gardner 2020-01-08 08:52:24
Worthy cause, hope to do it again next year. Glen Ancrum Martial Life Skills Nerang Gold Coast
Glen Ancrum 2019-12-24 18:50:15
Thanks for organising, John and for making more of us aware of this worthy cause.
Anonymous 2019-12-21 16:55:00
Sylph Hawkins 2019-12-21 16:25:41
Guests Martial Arts 2019-12-21 15:46:43
Donation and testing the email
Anonymous 2019-12-20 18:23:01
Thank you from Kylie mum Bamber
Kylie Bamber 2019-10-31 23:01:07
Adam Kiefel 2019-10-05 10:22:16
Daphne, Thank you from John Phil.
Daphne Lines 2019-02-05 17:35:31
Many thanks to the warriors who defended our homes.
Don Schmidt 2018-11-16 02:46:53
Great initiative John.
Nicholas Lynn 2018-11-14 07:29:53
Great idea John.
Rob McLaughlin 2018-11-11 14:11:29
Great job gents!
Anonymous 2018-11-09 22:37:15
Nice to meet you yesterday John!
Thomas Strathearn 2018-10-30 19:59:16
happy to support this cause
Steve Anthony 2018-10-24 12:01:12
MLH Consultancy 2018-10-16 10:56:25
NIcholas Evans 2018-10-15 14:39:54
Scott Spain 2018-10-15 12:00:21
Kicking off the donation.
John Cantor 2018-10-09 17:10:24
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