Camino de Santiago 2018

By Old Vets Stomping for Young Vets

We're a couple of older veterans walking Spain's Camino de Santiago (via De la Plata) for ~1000 km from April to May 2018. We aim to raise awareness and support for younger veterans who are not travelling as well as they should be. Some have said we're mad to attempt such a journey. However, we can't ignore the impossible journeys we asked our diggers to undertake, and their willingness to do so, and succeed, under extraordinarily difficult conditions and at great personal sacrifice. We have a particular interest in reducing the incidence of veteran suicide, self-harm and homelessness. Your support will be gratefully received. These diggers dug deep for you, now it's your chance to dig deep for them! Our target is bold, but achievable with community and business support. Thanks in advance. Follow us on Twitter @oldvets2018

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Best of luck Ross and Ian...enjoy every day of this great adventure.
Terry McCullagh 2018-02-24 14:48:26
Anonymous 2018-02-20 08:44:31
Ross Ian, Great walk, great cause. Buen camino. Mike Ann Lovell
Michael Lovell 2018-02-20 07:46:30
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