Andy Herd Soldier On for the 2019 Frontline Safari

By Andrew Herd

The Cause :

Soldier On works side by side with those who serve and protect Australia, and their families, helping them to secure their future. They recognise that throughout these operations, the ADF and greater National Security Community have worked side by side. That is why Soldier On offers support to Australian Federal Police, Australian Border Force, Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade and other security agencies

Why I am doing it :

Having served in the army, Solider On has great significance. I have worked with and continue to work with servicemen and ex serviceman that serve Australia . There are many out there that need a helping hand however would never "shake the tin" or hold their hand out. I want to repay these deserving individuals that quietly go about their day to day lives by donating and raising awareness for soldier on.

The Event:

The Frontline Safari is a unique fundraising adventure riding event held in the Simpson desert. The event brings together off-road motorcycle riders with a sense of adventure and purpose, raising vital funds and awareness for Soldier On. The challenging Simpson Desert is the world’s largest sand dune desert with  over 1100 dunes awaiting adventurers and their bikes. Riders will complete a double crossing of the Simpson over a five day period; raising vital funds and awareness for Soldier On.

Why Donate:

Prior to donating to my fund please think about the sacrifice these individuals have made and some continue to make every day all in the name of preserving the Australian way of life we often take for granted. 

All donations are greatly appreciated.

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Do it!
JP Fortier 2019-09-07 03:52:40
Adam Swales 2019-09-02 16:52:21
Good luck mate. I want a picture of you doing a backflip off a sand dune
Adam Swales 2019-09-02 09:58:26
Dean Farmer 2019-08-31 09:53:30
I am very passionate about your cause Andy Herd! My brother was in 3RAR with deployment to East Timor in 1999 2000. Only recently was he diagnosed with PTSD. He is finally seeking professional help in private practice. Thank you for your wonderful effort contribution to this very much needed cause. Well done!
Sally Nathan 2019-08-26 21:14:36
Good luck Andy!!! Love the Rendles xxxxx
Virginia Rendle 2019-08-25 19:27:29
Good luck! X
Pauline Ord 2019-08-25 18:52:57
Good luck mate, glad we are able to support you this awesome cause Ray Xx
Shannon McLean 2019-08-24 19:24:38
Shouldn 't you be paying to have a week 's holiday riding your bike on the dunes instead of working Good luck and enjoy!
Dar Shivtiel 2019-08-22 23:18:21
Hey buddy, great cause enjoy the dust and catch you soon
andrew lister 2019-08-22 16:42:39
I hope they don 't think your the TNT Courier!
Lowri Gray 2019-08-19 09:39:35
Keep it gassed up in the sand!!, Oh and have fun
Anonymous 2019-08-19 08:35:07
Don 't fall off!
Murray Black 2019-08-12 10:42:17
Well done Andy.
Sue Harvey 2019-08-07 08:58:22
Good luck!
Dave Quinn 2019-08-05 14:17:30
Good on ya mate this is such a great thing to do. We are very proud of you for doing this for such deserving service people.
Glen Wyatt 2019-08-02 23:10:36
I hope you make it
Paul Burrows 2019-07-30 08:31:17
Hope you enjoy every minute and we are super proud of you. What a great way to support this organisation. Xx love you
EMMA HERD 2019-07-26 12:19:28
A great cause, Andy Good Luck.
John Garde 2019-07-10 08:24:23
Awesome effort Andy!! I hope you have a ball. Sounds like heaps of fun a great cause!!
Sophie Allen 2019-07-08 21:00:27
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